Special Edition EKC 2023 - First Aid Kit Benodigdheden Kendama Senses
Special Edition EKC 2023 - First Aid Kit Benodigdheden Kendama Senses
Special Edition EKC 2023 - First Aid Kit Benodigdheden Kendama Senses
Special Edition EKC 2023 - First Aid Kit Benodigdheden Kendama Senses
Special Edition EKC 2023 - First Aid Kit Benodigdheden Kendama Senses
Special Edition EKC 2023 - First Aid Kit Benodigdheden Kendama Senses
Special Edition EKC 2023 - First Aid Kit Benodigdheden Kendama Senses

Special Edition EKC 2023 - First Aid Kit

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Why and what's inside?

The Kendama First Aid Kit contains THE tools that every Kendama players needs. Using this Kit, you will never be held back by an underperforming Kendama. You will be able to keep using your honed-in setups for much longer and experience more fun along the way. Read below what's inside the First Aid Kit and why each of these Essentials are important!


Inside the First Aid Kit you will find the following Kendama Essentials:

  • Iron Tip - Kendama Glue
  • Roll of 1mm Speedstring Black
  • Sandpaper Coin
  • Bearings and Stringtool
  • Beeswax
  • Kendama Senses Clipper Lighter
  • Kendama Senses Drawstring bag

Questions about any of the items? Read detailed information about each Essential below!

Why Glue?

This is superglue to maintain your Kendama. It's essential to use this by adding a protectional layer to the spike, which is easily applied with the brush. As a result the spike stays fresh even after weeks of playing.

When the layer of glue disappears, for example by dropping the Kendama with the tip onto the ground, use this glue to add new layers and keep the spike in good condition.

A well shaped spike is essential for every Kendama player.
Flat spike = missing spikes = less success and less fun

Why String?

Improve your current Kendama string. The string that comes out of the box of factory Kendama's is often rigid. It results in the string getting tied up around the Ken and your hands during play. Every experienced Kendama player knows this frustration.

Use it for the following situations:

  1. Make your rope the desired length, to more easily learn new kinds of tricks
  2. Have extra when your string breaks snaps.
  3. Replace the string of any new Kendamas you buy in the future
  4. Share the string with your friends

The speed string is the most used rope in the Kendama world. This kind of rope is:

  • Slightly elastic
  • Thin but strong
  • Flexible

Would you still rather have a different type of string, in stead of this one? No problem: add a note to your order with your preffered string, and we'll make it happen!

Why Sandpaper?

The sandpaper is required to maintain your spike or to repair already flattened ones. Before you apply glue, it's neccessary to reshape it to it's original state. Sandpaper on a hard surface, like this one, is perfect for the job.

Have you practised stalls yet?
"Stalling" the Ken or the Tama on the side of the cups. Stalls are super precise tricks that require a bit of friction between the bevel (hole of the Tama) and the Ken. When the surfaces are slippery, stalls become exponentially more difficult to perform.

There are 2 ways the sandpaper coin helps your stalls:

1. Sand the bevel (the hole in the Tama) slightly, so there is more surface area to stall onto. This creates more friction.
2. Sand the side of the cups (the stall points) slightly, so the wood becomes less slippery. This can help you learn and perform stalls immensely.


Why Bearings and Stringtool?

Have you ever experienced a yoyo tangling up? Frustrating, isn't it? This happens with Kendama, too! While most new Kendama's come with a bearing instead of the old-school bead, they often do not provide a replacement bearing! When your string breaks, occasonially, you may lose your bearing and are stuck with a bead that will leave you frustrated.

Every experienced Kendama player has experienced this and so they end up buying extra bearings. In this kit we provide 4 bearings, along with a stringtool that will help you pull the string through all of the small holes when you string a Kendama.

Why Beeswax?

Kendama consists of the Ken and the Tama. The Ken is the handle which consists of the Serado and Sword. And sometimes while playing, with some Kendamas, they go loose ALL. THE. TIME.

The single best solution? Beeswax. You solve the problem of the Sword and Serado going loose, by taking the Serado off the Sword, warming up the beeswax and smearing a layer on the place where the Serado should sit. Then you put the Serado back on the Sword, press firmly and it will never go loose again. Unless you want it to!

To finish it, you can wipe off the residual wax and you're good to go.


Why the Lighter?

The Kendama Senses Clipper is used for the String and the Beeswax. Heat up the beeswax until it almost drips off. This makes sure it comes off easily onto the wood when you want to smear it.

After cutting the string, the ends will fray. This decreases the durability of the rope and makes it harder to get it through the holes. By burning and slightly melting the ends of the rope, you can pinch and pull them. This will make the ends very thin so you can get them through the small holes easily. Whenever you don't have a scissors or knife, the lighter can be used to cut the rope.

Now you know why!

With a year of usage, your First Aid Kit costs approximately 0,08€ a day! Buy the First Aid Kit now to improve your Kendama life.

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