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OG Krom Slaydawg - Nihon Ash

OG Krom Slaydawg - Nihon Ash - Kendama-Senses Nederland

OG Krom Slaydawg - Nihon Ash

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The original Slaydawg was introduced in 2016 and introduced the world to the new "competition+" size of kendamas that has since become a staple of the kendama world. This shape, while still being competition approved, has an enlarged build allowing for more control and easier tricks.

The design pays homage to the motherland of kendama, Japan, with a simplistic yet ultra functional red/white design similar to the Japanese flag.
Providing amazing tracking and playability while letting the natural quality of the wood shine through.

Technical specifications:
Super sticky LOL clear coat
Full ash hardwood construction
Drawstring bag for safe storage
Extra string, stringing tool & sticker
Design by Thorkild May

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