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Sol Kendamas - Walnut / Ash Cups

Sol Kendamas - Walnut / Ash Cups - Kendama-Senses Nederland

Sol Kendamas - Walnut / Ash Cups

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Dit is een Kendama van het merk Sol Kendamas uit de Flow series en heeft een prachtige en unieke combinatie van hout. 


Sol Kendamas:

"The Ash cup design is the second generation of Flow kendamas. 

The strong grain of the ash gives this cup design a unique aesthetic. The two woods contrast and look absolutely incredible.

The playability is the same as all of the other Flows- fantastic.

We've dreamt of this design for a long time, and we're happy that we can finally get them in your hands.

Each kendama comes with packaging, a black string, clear bead, and two Sol Kendamas stickers."

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