Where to Buy Kendamas in the Netherlands

Kendama is growing faster than ever in the Netherlands, yet there is no physical store where you can buy premium Kendama's. Although having a store that offers Kendamas among other things, is a dream of the Kendama Senses team, this has yet to become a reality.

If you are visiting the Netherlands for a few days or more and you wish to have a fresh Kendama in your hands or you would like to play with together with locals, we can help you!

In our store we offer a variety of premium brands, of which the collection will be expanded as we go. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us in the way is most convenient for you!

If you would like to hang out and play Kendama with the local scene, we can also certainly be to your service. The Kendama Senses team enjoys it's interaction with the local community (local = the whole country because of Netherlands its size). We can bring you in touch with the people that are closest to your stay or personally host a session together with you!