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Our first ever collab is live now! Jordi explains all about the collab here in the description:

The origin of the collab

I received the 10G ken (this shape) a few months ago from Pavel (Yangstore owner) to try it out and to see if it would be interesting for our shop. I was blown away by how nice the mod plays. 

It also came with a really nice coating that Pavel made, but we were still testing it as we weren't yet sure if it matches the quality standards I have. Nor do I want to sell a natty, because I don't like to play those myself. I measured the tamas and compared them with the old school cushion tamas we have lying around, and they were the same size!

Whenever we made setups with those tamas, I found that the bevels were too small and that made playing them a lot less fun. So I took a dremel and enlarged the whole to match the hole that the default 10G tama has, which is about 23mm.

We had discussed a collab and tried to arrange it last moment, to drop it during the European Kendama Championships. Sadly a DHL delay made an end to that plan.

That's why we dropped it now! Read the properties below:


Yang x Senses properties:

  • 10G Ken
    • Solid beech wood
    • 15.5 cm tall
    • Between 67 and 70 grams
    • The sizes makes the weight feel good
    • Insanely good for stalls, flips and lunars
    • Freehand engraved by Pavel from Yangstore

  • Sweets Turtle Stripe Tama*
    • Oldschool and rare Sweets tama
    • Solid beech wood
    • Oldschool very consistent  and durable Cushion Clear
    • 59~60mm tama, fits perfectly on the ken
    • Between 71 and 76 grams
    • Enlarged 23mm bevel, same as the original tama which makes it very good for both spikes and stalls (Joris Schweppe approved)
    • *tama may have very slight damage

  • Yang x Senses Setup
    • Weight matched within 7 grams
    • Glued spike
    • Bearing
    • 7 finger string

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