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Nativ TBmod techs:

  • Proshape
  • Ken: beech
  • Tama: birch
  • TBmod design
  • Extra Bevel
  • Syrup Sticky clear
  • Long red string
  • Bearing
  • Laser engravings
  • Balanced weight

Delivered in its screen-printed cotton bag including: twine and spare bearing, stickers.

By buying this kendama a contribution is donated directly to the player, do not hesitate to support your favorite pro!



Kendama Nativ Pro Model Timothée Berthelot


“Hello everyone this is Tim ! I embed myself in this product sheet to give you some explanations on my promod:

First of all, the choice of wood has been thought out to ensure quality stalls, are you surprised? The ken is turned with our French beech, a classic that you know well. Combined with a birch tama, which in my opinion is the must for stalls, they will lock and your tama will be more durable than a kendama made entirely of beech.


Let's start with the tama. The scopeline was created with Alexis Noël, our favorite graphic designer who needs no introduction. The pattern is inspired by a traditional Indian shirt. We added kendamas inside to express my love for kendama. On the pyrography stripe, you will find 3 kanji "木の子" which is pronounced "Kinoko" and which translates as "Child of the Trees". This word is also used in everyday language to designate mushrooms! Being a daily mushroom eater and a child of the trees this word made perfect sense.

About the topscope, I decided to put the original Kendama France logo made in 2015. Having ordered my first kendama when the site was opened, this logo remains in my heart. But it's also an opportunity to make a little S/O to Thomas Baron aka thoplard, my longtime friend who introduced me to kendama. He had engraved in honor of KDF this said logo at the top of his tama, see second post IG.


Concerning the ken I remained sober, my signature "TB" is engraved to mark in my opinion the best place for the handlestalls ! On the other side you will find the logo Nativ upside down, so when you are in the "penguin" position the Nativ is right!

Finally for the penguin logo, I'll tell you where the idea came from: following my trip swimming from the North Pole to the South Pole during the Covid, I tried to put my kendama around the penguins' necks to lighten me up. Unfortunately without much success because they don't have a shoulder… Go have fun, kisses!”



The ProShape was entirely designed and created by the two ProTeam players. Without denying its original curves, it contrasts with its predecessors. More fleshy overall, the shape of the ken is more rectilinear and radical than on the Dad Shape. Its generous cups and larger spike offer better lunar but also kenflip more responsive. Thanks to a better adjusted center of gravity, versatility is essential. the ringstall deliberately pronounced offers a frank and precise grip. The flatter edges of the cups also guarantee you stalls madness ! Finally, the “cone basecup” and its new design ensure effective stability for your type balances. lighthouse. To compensate for possible "chips" during your applause the thickness of the chamfers has been reinforced. Test this new shape without further delay!





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