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It's been a long way for Matt Jorgenson, best known as "Sweets". The nickname he used to get from his friends. A long way to become the largest and most consistent kendama brand in the world. Like a true philanthropist, he founded Sweets Kendamas with friends and started making the best kendamas with the most unique designs. 

The SWEETS LEGEND MOD is a kendama that symbolizes Matt's personal rise as a kendama player. The colors of Sweets Kendama's can be found in the kendama and in its entirety the kendama has been designed entirely according to his life. 

In this video you will learn everything about his kendama: 

Kendama comes with an extra string and beat, Custom sticker pack and unique box. 


  • Signature Ken
    • BOOST Shape
    • Maple Spike
    • Maple with Wenge Stripe Sarado
    • Custom engravings on ken
      • Checker pattern on Base & Big Cup
      • "Sweets" tag across handle 
      • Crossing under Small Cup
      • Sweets Special in kanji around Balance Bevel
    • Mandala "tattoo" on Big Cup
    • Balance Bevel in Base Cup
  • Oversized Cherry Tama
    • Cushion Clear
    • Unique Checkerboard design
    • Signature Sweets Green
    • Amazing tracking
  • Metal Spinner Bead
  • Extra String
  • Unique sticker pack

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