Candy - Golden Delight

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De Candy series van OKendama. Speel deze Kendama als je een beukenhouten Kendama wil met een hoog speelbare vorm.


  • ZERO1 Shape
  • Hele Kendama van beukenhout
  • Vergrote cups
  • Gat in de Basecup
  • 17cm lang
  • 62mm Tama
  • 23mm bevel
  • Sticky paint
  • 70cm extra lang touw
  • Metale kogellagertje in de Tama
  • Extra touw en stickers
  • Gewicht ligt rond de 85g Ken / 85g Tama

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Super customer-friendly store.
Quick to react on questions.
Would recommend to order here! 👍

Scholten, BE

I always enjoy shopping here. You respond quickly, ship quickly and it feels like you always have a personal approach with your customers. In addition, you have the latest and the best Kendama's and I recommend this store for everyone who starts playing Kendama!

Eindhoven, NL

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