Buying a Kendama: what to be alert of?

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Kendama is a century old Japanese skill game that has been gaining fame in the Netherlands for a number of years. The game is suitable for young and old and you develop many useful skills such as spatial awareness and endurance when you play it. More and more Dutch people are getting enthusiastic about the kendama and want to start. However, many different types are available and this raises questions. Which one works best for me? What should I pay attention to if I want to buy a kendama? Below we give a detailed description so that you can find the right kendama and so that you can learn and enjoy the beautiful game. 

What types of kendamas are there all?

When choosing a Kendama, it is important that it is suitable for your level, playing style and goal of the game. Do you want to use it recreationally or participate in tournaments? 

If you are a beginning Kendama player, you can choose to pick one with a grippy finish on the ball, which will appear under different names, such as:

  • Sticky clear (Almost every brand uses this layer and every brand gives it its own name)
  • Cushion clear (Sweets brand only)
  • Rhino clear (from Kendama Israel only)
  • Rubber clear

These layers have different traction and many players have their own preferences. Expect a separate article on clearcoats in the future.

In our webshop (link: You can order different Kendamas with the right grip.

There are also BOOST kendamas of the brand Kendama's sweets. These have slightly larger cups and tamas, more pronounced edges and have a balance hole in the lower cup for easy landing of the lunar. In addition, they are made of firmer wood. 

Kendama ISR are kendamas that are produced in Israel. They are known for their unique color combinations and designs, Rhino Clear and the Big Brother ken shape. They are hand-dyed in Tel Aviv with a specific secret formula. As a result, all Kendama's from Kendama ISR with a layer of paint, have the right grip to make the tricks for which this is important (such as the Lighthouse and the Lunar) easier.

KROM is another producer of kendamas. The KROM POP variant is very popular among beginning kendama players. These kendamas have a high quality and are designed to make the tricks easier. They are made of beech wood, have rubber paint. However, for novice players, it has been found that the Sweets Boost (the comparable in price Boost Radar) is a more effective choice.


Kendama speler speelt tijdens een wedstrijd


What requirements must a kendama meet for competitions?

Kendama tournaments have been played in Japan for some time now. More and more tournaments are also organized in other countries, also within Europe. Like the Woodstock Kendama Fest in Dusseldorf, Germany - and the Whirlwind Check editions by Kendama Senses in Zwolle. Within a tournament, various components can be discussed such as speed ladders, freestyle and a head-to-head competition. If you are interested in participating in a tournament, you must buy a Kendama that meets the requirements that have been set to be allowed to play. On you can choose sustainable kendamas with many beautiful designs that meet the competition requirements. Please note that the following terms are not used in the title of the Kendama: "XL", "Jumbo", "Viking", "Mini" or "Micro". These terms refer to a different size that is not suitable for competition.

Hopefully you now have enough information to consider what is the best kendama strain for you. We wish you a lot of fun and perseverance in this challenging game!

Kendama Buy from Kendama Senses

At Kendama Senses you can buy cheap Kendamas or buy refined quality Kendamas. For novice players it is recommended to start with cheap Kendamas, as the player progresses in skill it is useful to scale up the quality of the Kendama as well. This is because the types of tricks the player tries change as the player gains experience. This makes it important to use a different shape of the Ken, a quality coating of the Tama and a quality wood type of the Kendama.


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In addition to Kendama's, you can also buy all the gear and tools that a fanatic Kendama player needs in our shop. We sell roller bearings, rope, glue and more!