Roadmap - De plannen van Kendama Senses

Roadmap - The plans of Kendama Senses

What can you expect from Kendama Senses in the coming months?

  1. July/August - SWS (Senses Weekly Sesh) - We're coming to a city near you!
  2. August/September - Online beginner guidance
  3. September / December - Creating value for the existing players

    1. Kendama : SWS (Senses Weekly Session)

    In July and August there will be a weekly session in a different city. The list of dates can be found here:

     Kendama: SWS!

    Playing Kendama together is the best. Meet new people, connect, learn new tricks and be inspired by other players. But what also helps to make Kendama more fun is knowing that there are more people in your area who also play Kendama. The plan is to bring players together and have a good time together!

    2. Online beginner guidance

    We want to make it easy for people starting out to find out the most important information. There will be some accompanying videos for tricks, choice in Kendamas and maintaining your Kendama.

      3. Add value for current players

      After we build a way to help novice players, we'll focus on finding ways to help this community. Think of offering tools, saving for extras, helping to spread Kendama and receiving rewards for it, etc. Later we can also think about accompanying videos for advanced including mindset.

      Do you have ideas or feedback? We would like to hear it! See you soon