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Kendama was born in Japan more than 100 years ago. Not much is known about who made the first Kendama. The game is based on the Bilboquet, the concept of which has existed for over 1000 years. So you could say that humans may have been trying to make such an elaborate toy for a long time

Captain Latvia - Revolution quad
New model in our shop. Made in Latvia. Maple Ken and Ash Tama. 17 cm high Ken makes this a different experience. REv coating on the ball is grippy like never before.
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Boost Radar - Orange
The Boost Radar is a true top Kendama for an affordable price. Where other Dutch shops offer a bad Kendama for the same price, you can be sure that you will receive a true winner here!
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Kendama is the game of balance and movement in 2021. Where you see people in a park, you often see a group fanatically practicing this sport. More and more young people, but also adults, are touched by the simplicity that this Japanese game entails and the infinitely different tricks you can learn. 

For many, kendama is not just about learning tricks. Kendama players around the world agree on a few things:
- It brings people together,
- It teaches you focus and stamina and
- It is much more than a game & sport

It is a true culture with its own philosophy that is constantly evolving. 

Kendama has been spreading outside of Japan for about 15 years and the results are great. We see that now is the time to focus on things that make our lives a bit simpler, but in which we can still find a certain depth. As Yoga, Meditation and Movement can bring about a certain awareness, Kendama does so too. Only it is accompanied by a cultural aspect, which is a unique development for each player. 

Give Kendama some time to let it develop with you and maybe Kendama becomes a part of your lifestyle.