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Our first ever collab is live now! Jordi explains all about the collab here in the description:

The origin of the collab

I received the 10G ken (this shape) a few months ago from Pavel (Yangstore owner) to try it out and to see if it would be interesting for our shop. I was blown away by how nice the mod plays. 

It also came with a really nice coating that Pavel made, but we were still testing it as we weren't yet sure if it matches the quality standards I have. Nor do I want to sell a natty, because I don't like to play those myself. I measured the tamas and compared them with the old school cushion tamas we have lying around, and they were the same size!

Whenever we made setups with those tamas, I found that the bevels were too small and that made playing them a lot less fun. So I took a dremel and enlarged the whole to match the hole that the default 10G tama has, which is about 23mm.

We had discussed a collab and tried to arrange it last moment, to drop it during the European Kendama Championships. Sadly a DHL delay made an end to that plan.

That's why we dropped it now! Read the properties below:


Yang x Senses properties:

  • 10G Ken
    • Solid beech wood
    • 15.5 cm tall
    • Between 67 and 70 grams
    • The sizes makes the weight feel good
    • Insanely good for stalls, flips and lunars
    • Freehand engraved by Pavel from Yangstore

  • Sweets Turtle Stripe Tama*
    • Oldschool and rare Sweets tama
    • Solid beech wood
    • Oldschool very consistent  and durable Cushion Clear
    • 59~60mm tama, fits perfectly on the ken
    • Between 71 and 76 grams
    • Enlarged 23mm bevel, same as the original tama which makes it very good for both spikes and stalls (Joris Schweppe approved)
    • *tama may have very slight damage

  • Yang x Senses Setup
    • Weight matched within 7 grams
    • Glued spike
    • Bearing
    • 7 finger string

Feedback von unseren Kunden


Ich habe schon merhfach bei Kendama Senses eingekauft und bin restlos begeistert! Die Auswahl der Kendamas un des Zubehörs ist super und der Service überragend - es wird zügig geantwortet und es bleiben keine Fragen offen. Der Verstand erfolgte jedes Mal umgehend Ich bestelle garantiert bald wieder.

Köln, DE

Top Kendama Shop aus NL für nicht-EU Produkte (Sweets, Sol, ISR uvm.) mit geringen Lieferkosten für EU Länder. Zuverlässige und schnelle Lieferung und sehr gute Kommunikation und Kundenservice. Sehr zu empfehlen!

Kiel, DE

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kendama senses

Jeder möchte ein Kendama, das für sein Niveau und seinen Spielstil geeignet ist. Mit jahrelanger Erfahrung in der Verwendung der von uns verkauften Produkte / Kendamas bieten wir Ihnen das von uns unterstützte Kendama an.

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