Scaro Pro Model

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Nativ SCAROmod techs:

  • Proshape
  • Ken: charm
  • Tama: beech
  • SCARO mod design
  • Extra Bevel
  • Syrup Sticky clear
  • Long black string
  • Bearing
  • Laser engravings
  • Balanced weight

Delivered in its screen-printed cotton bag including: twine and spare bearing, stickers.

By buying this kendama a contribution is donated directly to the player, do not hesitate to support your favorite pro!



Kendama Nativ Pro Model Oscar Ealand


The word of Oscar :

“I knew the tama was going to be green. I like a lot of different greens, so I decided to make a reference to my first kendama, the Leaf Green Ozora, discontinued in 2011. The “SCARO” lettering comes from a signature I made on my drawings and on my course notebooks, which is much more stylish than my real signature. I had tested it on natty tamas and I liked the wide hand drawn side on the top of the tama. The white stripe is there to keep a reference point for tracking. The logo Nativ blooms more and more in three places of the stripe. Around the bevel there is a very thin stripe, interspersed with the words “HONE ZONE”. This stripe acts as a wear gauge. The more the stripe disappears the more you enter the honest zone. You know that the stalls are perfect at this time. Gang!


The tama is made of beech wood coupled with a charm ken. In my opinion a compromise between the softness of the beech and the hardness of the charm to have good stalls and a well tanked and durable ken. An incredible combo! For the engravings on the ken, these are more personal choices. There are two traditional Chinese letters, one in each cup. This is the concept of Wu-Wei, a concept derived from Taoism. The principle of “effortless action”, the feeling of being connected to a certain elusive rhythm of my life. It's a concept that translates very well to kendama in my opinion. The one when we play without thinking too much, we get to a point where we are in tune with his kendama and he becomes an extension of our hand.


Regarding the sword and the “finding balance” engraving. These two words are perfect to describe kendama. We are constantly looking for balance to accomplish certain figures. After more than 11 years of daily practice it is difficult to have the urge of the first day as far as pure practice is concerned. It is therefore a question of finding the balance so that it remains a pleasure. This balance exists and you have to know how to take care of it. I hope you enjoy this kendama as much as I do! Good slay.”



The ProShape was entirely designed and created by the two ProTeam players. Without denying its original curves, it contrasts with its predecessors. More fleshy overall, the shape of the ken is more rectilinear and radical than on the Dad Shape. Its generous cups and larger spike offer better lunar but also kenflip more responsive. Thanks to a better adjusted center of gravity, versatility is essential. the ringstall deliberately pronounced offers a frank and precise grip. The flatter edges of the cups also guarantee you stalls madness ! Finally, the “cone basecup” and its new design ensure effective stability for your type balances. lighthouse. To compensate for possible "chips" during your applause the thickness of the chamfers has been reinforced. Test this new shape without further delay!





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