Kendama Tricks Challenge and Giveaway

Kendama Tricks Challenge and Giveaway

#28TricksLater Kendama Tricks Challenge + 200€ Giveaway!

Did you know? February is the month of the #28trickslater challenge, originally created by Sweets Kendamas pro Christian Fraser.

That means:

It’s time to hone your Kendama skills. :D

Participating in the challenge means you will be confronted with obstacles and with this -there is a TON of wisdom to be found!

Besides that, your Kendama level and confidence will improve like no other.


This year we are giving away prizes to 2 participants:

  1. 200€ store credit
  2. Alex Ruisch Legend Kendama (Cushion) + Kendama Senses Essentials Toolkit, 95€ value

Wondering what this is all about?

In this article we will go over:

  • What is the #28TricksLater Challenge?
  • Why should you join?
  • Why are we giving away prizes?
  • The history behind this Kendama challenge
  • How to sign up for the giveaway

After signing up, we will have some specials for you, such as tips, trick inspiration and special discounts.



What is the #28TricksLater Challenge?

The #28TricksLater challenge takes place during the entire month of February for 28 days.

The challenge is to do a trick or combo you have not yet done before, each day.

The idea is play consistently during the shortest month of the year, and to learn from and enjoy that process.

Ideally, you'll start on the First day of the month, with a fresh Kendama and use this Kendama during the whole month when recording for this challenge.

Your mission:

Post a trick each day to instagram with the hashtag #28trickslater. 

Who is this Kendama challenge for?

This is a Kendama challenge for curious players who like to challenge themselves and explore their limitless potential!

Even if you just started playing or you plan to - it's doable for anyone!


Why should you join?

Fundamental in Kendama is to learn something new.

If you hadn't done that, you wouldn't have gotten to your first big cup or spike.

Learning new things is what develops you as a person and most importantly, contributes to your happiness by giving you satisfaction, a sense of purpose and self-confidence.

The satisfaction of unlocking a new trick is one of the purest and well-earned forms of happiness one can experience.

Finding out about your behaviour and patterns during longer processes like the #28TricksLater challenge, can accelerate your development and bring you insights about yourself and the world around you, that you might have otherwise missed out on. 

You wouldn't want to miss out on the month in which you are invited to learn even more tricks than before and use Kendama as a vehicle for self-discovery, would you?

I didn't think so. (:


Why are we giving away prizes?

The global Kendama community has become huge during the last years.

There's an overwhelming number of Kendama players posting their progression on Instagram on the daily and especially during #28TricksLater, this can make you feel unseen. (I've been there.)

Even though you should really join this challenge for yourself, it's still nice be recognised for your efforts by the community! It helps us move forward in the challenge and advance as a player!

We'll be following along your journey as you join this Kendama tricks challenge and we will be here to support you.

When you enter this giveaway below, you'll provide us with your Instagram name, so we can follow your challenge.

Bonus: we would like to push players and give them another incentive to join this amazing month of self-exploration with...


What is the history of this challenge?

From their blog in 2020, Sweets Kendamas mentions:

"#28trickslater is an idea that came from our pro Christian Fraser in 2017. Here is a few words from him:

#28trickslater was an idea that was inspired by two simple things.

1. My personal struggle with jamming one single kendama for an extended period of time, and

2. Pushing myself and the Sweets team to really put in work and level up.

This challenge is 100% about personal progress and satisfaction.

Each clip should strive to be something you have never done before, whether it’s a brand new trick or just one to personally level up.

I’m so stoked that this idea has taken off and we are embarking on the 3rd year of grinding. Remember, this challenge is for yourself and no one else! Have fun, put in work, and take the challenge day-by-day.

Good luck!"


How does the giveaway work, what are the rules?

 On top of doing the #28TricksLater challenge, you can join our giveaway by signing up below. By signing up you will:

  • Let us know you join our giveaway
  • Provide us with your email so we can contact you
  • Let us know your Instagram name, so we can follow your journey and enter you into our prize pool.
  • Let us know if you how you will post. Either Instagram Reels/Post or on your Instagram Story. If you choose Story you'll have to zip all the tricks and WeTransfer them to us on the 28th of February / 1st of March (we'll remind you).

This is how our giveaway works: We will give away 200€ of spending credit to a randomly selected participant from the pool.

Every day you film a trick and it has to be posted on that same day, in order to count. Use the same Kendama every day.

The giveaway works as a lottery. The chance of winning the lottery is increased by the amount of tickets you manage to acquire.

The intention is to play with a single Kendama during the whole challenge, so if you use multiple Kendamas, we'll halve the amount of tickets you will receive.

You will obtain raffle tickets in the following ways:

  1. First ticket for completing 20 days
  2. Second ticket for completing 24 days
  3. Third ticket for completing 27 days
  4. Fourth ticket if you complete the whole challenge (28 days)
  5. Bonus ticket*: Share our Instagram Post on your story before 31st of January and tag @kendamasenses so we get notified of this. You will earn this bonus ticket because you help us share our giveaway.
  6. Bonus ticket*: If you have shopped with us before, you will receive a bonus ticket. This bonus is meant to support our local community.
    *bonus tickets go into effect when you manage to complete 20 days

Having 5 tickets instead of 1, means you are five times as likely to win a prize. It also means anyone who manages to complete at  least 20 days has a shot at winning the prizes!

How to sign up for the giveaway