Kendama Israel in Europe

Shop Kendama Israel products and have them shipped from Europe! More info about Kendama ISR on the bottom of this page.


      Kendama Israel is owned by Aviram, based in the capital Tel Aviv. He has a physical shop there where he seshes, teaches and sells Kendama. Aviram has been passionately spreading Kendama in Israel for a long time now.

      So what does Kendama Israel have to offer?

      Kendama Israel has one of the most well known and loved coatings and designs in the Kendama game. The secret lies in the grip/slip ratio that it provides: usually Rhino Clear is grippy enough to help out your balance tricks, while being slippy enough to allow to adjust the Ken to be in the right position on the Tama. This balance is difficult to achieve, because some coatings can become too grippy and not allow for adjustments, while most players are familiar with coatings that are too slippery to help you land those same balance tricks at all.

      Furthermore Kendama Israel tamas are generally very durable. I've seen some people playing a KendamaISR Tama for a year. This lies in a combination of wood quality and clearcoat quality. The wood usually starts to break down after impacts and this takes longer to happen for better quality woods. As for the clear coat, this also has to be properly enough attached to the wood in order to not let go and wear down quickly. 

      Aviram has consitently improved his designs year after year, making unique and ever more beautiful Tamas constantly. Check out the Kendama Israel designs in this collection


      About the Ken Shape

      When Kendama Israel came out with the Big Brother, somewhere around 2017, it was a revolutionary shape and picked up a lot of attention from Kendama players in Europe. As Kendama and Ken shapes progressed, Kendama Israel didn't up their game and fell behind. Until now their Ken shape is not recommended to play, as there are better options available. But rumor has it that in 2023, it's time for something new...

      I personally love playing Kendama Israel Tamas, so if you don't have one in your collection, I highly recommend putting a Rhino Clear tama on your favorite Ken. My favorite is a Kendama Israel Beechwood Tama, as this woodtype breaks in easily for stall tricks.

      Lastly, at Kendama Senses we love helping you create your perfect Kendama setup, so please don't hesitate to reach out for help. Ask me any questions and receive your perfect Kendama, or I'll send you a new one. 🤞 PROMISED!